Friday, January 25, 2013

I Remember Alpha Bits. Now it Features Super WHY!

My kids love cereal. Well, so did I at their age.

There is something about the crunchy cereal, the cold milk, the fun shapes and digging through to find hidden surprises inside or on the back of the box. This time, the cereal and the box front were the real treat.

I have to admit that I haven't given my children Alpha-Bits to try before now. I didn't have anything against the cereal. I just don't remember it being anything special. No marshmallows, no cookie bits, etc. Now as a picky Mom I am grateful for that!

Through BzzAgent I was sent a box of Post Alpha-Bits to try. What really got my kids excited though, was that Alpha-Bits has teamed up with Super WHY! to feature characters on the box. My son is 5 and just learning how to read. He loves the PBS show and learning how to read and spell words. So this cereal is entertaining, fun and ....should I say, educational?

And what did this Mom think? I like the flavor. The dry cereal has also made for a fun midday snack for my kids. We like to try to make words out of the letters we have available. Think of it as scrabble in your cereal bowl.

I remember as a child loving pasta or cereal that was in alphabet shapes. When I was really young I half expected to magically "fish out" a word every time I scooped another spoonful. I don't think it ever happened, but I would usually attempt to pronounce my nonsense word just for fun.

To get down to the nitty-gritty, it't actually a good breakfast choice in my mind. The cereal has been eaten in homes since 1958 and provides 20 grams of whole grains* and 12 essential vitamins and minerals per serving. I don't know about you, but getting enough fiber into my 3-year can be tough. Luckily, she loves her cereal! So this savvy mom has a new trick in her fiber arsenal.

Overall I am thrilled to have been reunited with a childhood classic! I see my alphabet a little differently now, and am excited to share it every morning with my kids.

*Per 30g serving. Nutritionists recommend at least 3 servings of whole grain foods each day (about 16g per serving or 48g per day).

*Disclaimer - I was provided a sample and coupons as a BuzzAgent. All opinions and experiences are my own.
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