Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Project Organized - Tackling the Craft Room Pt. 1

I always dreamed of having a craft room.

My husband would tell you that I just have way too much "stuff" to keep it contained in another room. When my son was born I tried to keep a table of supplies in his room. The idea was I could craft while he played. Yeah, right!

Now we live in a home with enough room for me to have a designated craft area. It also doubles as our office, but there is plenty of room for both. It seemed like a good idea when we moved in, but quickly became an impromptu storage room. Boxes piled up and I never crafted there. Last year we started down the path to organizing this space with some cubby shelves.

These work well for craft books, some fabric and art supplies. But, I still had a mess on my hands. It  filled up too quickly and still left me with piles of yarn, fabric and tools in piles, boxes and bags where I could never find anything.

Not terribly inspiring, is it? I guess it is no surprise that I don't enjoy time back here.

Really, it looks worse than it really is. I just need to get it all organized. I am sure anyone with a stash of fabric, notions, yarn and such could attest that this stuff gets out of control fast. Just during the sorting phase I have found a half a dozen unfinished projects I plan to tackle first.

Since my husband has a little more time right now for projects around the house I asked for shelving. There is so much unused wall space I am thinking shelves, organized boxes for supplies and possibly a cork board for posting my projects, fiber info or inspiration. Perhaps even a few pics of my kids?

The first step was one shelf, but I am hoping we can get to adding a second shelf just as soon as we pick up a few more support brackets. The infinity light I received in a gift exchange is growing on me and is kinda nice over my table. I still want to clear off more of my work table so I can also start sewing here. I have many baby projects in mind.

2013 is a great chance to really organize and personalize this space to make it a pregnancy-insomnia-gal's best friend. Do you have a craft room or nook? How did you organize your space? I am still looking for inspiration.

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