Monday, April 1, 2013

I Don't Just Plan on Cleaning - This Spring I Am Healthing with Lysol

Germs. It is probably a good thing I can't see them with the naked eye.

I am pretty sure with two small children, indoor pets, backyard chickens and a farming husband we are swimming in germs on a daily basis.


I mean, kids will be kids... right?

And it isn't the dirt I worry about, or the spaghetti sauce in the hair that I can see. It is the germs from public restrooms, runny noses on the playground and all the sneaky door nobs and handles we come in contact with everyday. Or worse...

Spring cleaning has taken on a whole new meaning to me this year as I am looking forward to welcoming a new baby into the house this season. I am counting down the weeks! Cleaning is high on my list of "nesting" priorities, but this year instead of just cleaning I am going to be Healthing my way to a healthier family and home.

LYSOL helps me to get rid of those germs I can't see and keep my home healthier. They have adopted 'Healthing' as part of their LYSOL Mission for Health.  But what is, 'Healthing'?

Healthing is the idea of going beyond just cleaning... anyone ever pushed around a mop and then noticed you were just smearing around dirty water? Or wiped the crumbs off a counter with just a towel? Or cleaned the bathroom but forgot to wipe down frequently touched surfaces like the knobs and the light switch? Healthing focuses on keeping things truly clean, keeping your family well and setting up improved hygiene habits. It only takes a little more thought to disinfect and prevent your family members from sharing those pesky germs.

Nice concept isn't it?

Now, this is what I need in my home. I have already been teaching my kids to cough into the inside of their elbow and we have discussed not touching babies on the hands or face, but there is so much more I can do to get ready for our new arrival and keep my whole family healthy beyond even that.

My favorite product of LYSOL's are the disinfecting wipes. With little kids these make it easy for me to follow after a sick child, clean up a small mess or grab the well traveled surfaces of the kitchen or bathroom. Then I can throw it away and I am done. I like to stash a container in each bathroom, the laundry room and under the kitchen sink.

LYSOL also has some great Healthing tips to get you started this season. My favorite is to take one room at a time and not get overwhelmed. Stock up on great products to make cleaning easier and don't forget the often overlooked nooks and crannies! Oh, yeah. I have several of those and LYSOL has a whole range of products to help me get the job done.

LYSOL is getting the word out about Healthing with the help of television personality Giuliana Rancic through visits to select YMCAs across the country. LYSOL is demonstrating the Healthing Initiative with hands-on education and the tools to create better habits for kids at home. They are also providing products for the YMCAs and and a one-year membership to a deserving family.

LYSOL  has also gone into 65,000 schools with their healthy habits program to educate teachers and students alike on good hygiene. This is a great step to bringing Healthing into every home.

So how do you get involved? Cause I know you want to! Connect with LYSOL on Facebook, check out their website and go ahead and download the Healthing Guidebook. We never can learn too much about keeping our family healthy, can we?

*Disclaimer I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for LYSOL®. I received a promotional item to thank me for participating. All opinions and experiences are my own.
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