Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Preparing for Baby - The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep, by Harvey Karp, M.D. #spon

Have a new baby? Know someone with a baby right now? Chances are you have heard all the jokes, advice and opinions on getting sleep with a new baby in the house. There is a lot of information out there, but all we really care about is that elusive good night of sleep...

I am not saying it is easy. Shoot, desperate and sleep deprived parents (myself included) have tried just about everything and anything suggested. As I count down the weeks till my next baby is born I have been reminiscing with my husband about some of the more memorable moments with our first two children.

Sleep, or our sleep-deprived stretches always come up for a good laugh. Though they are funny in hindsight, it is a real problem plaguing many people.

I think it took us over 3 years to really get the hang of a schedule and tricks that worked best for our family. Many were found through trial and error, others were suggested and some even came from reading stacks and stacks of books on parenting, babies and sleep training. I was thrilled to receive a copy of The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep by Harvey Karp, M.D. because a few of my friends had raved about his other books. Reading this was like a flash of 3 years of knowledge contained in one great book. Plus this isn't just about babies, he offers simple sleep solutions for children from birth to 5 years.

Reading it was a great refresher and reinforced some of our best tricks. You better believe I will be pulling these out from day one with baby Elliott.

Why did I enjoy this book so much? Well, there is an overall system, so easy to follow, but it is also breaks down sleeping tips and possible problems by age and stage. So read it through or skip ahead to the section that best suits your needs. Some highlights I have personally used with successfully include: room sharing with a side sleeper, white noise, swaddling and training a baby to sleep through life's normal noises. Hey, I have two older kids, staying silent for a new baby is never going to happen!

Do I agree with everything in the book? No. I am not a fan of pacifiers, but I appreciate that the book mentions we must find what works for us as parents. Often there are several options discussed in each step leaving implementation up to us.

I have never been one for letting my children "cry it out" and these simple tips and instructions don't make parents choose between their tugging heart strings and getting a decent night of sleep.

Harvey Karp, M.D. has done it again with another great book after his bestselling The Happiest Baby on the Block.

Be sure to check out the Happiest Baby website for all the great products and more information.

*Disclaimer - I am participating in a book review campaign with One2One Network. I received this book from Harper Collins for the purposes of reviewing it. I have not received compensation. My participation in the campaign enters me into a drawing for a gift card. All opinions and experiences are my own.
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