Wednesday, May 22, 2013

#Ad - Nighttime Accidents Are Normal. Getting Help from #WhiteCloudSleepPants

Disclaimer - This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of White Cloud Sleep Pants. All thoughts and experiences are my own.

Mom Confession: Starting my day with a pile of wet bedding puts this Mom in a grumpy mood. Also, a child woken up in the middle of the night from a wet bed is also in a pretty grumpy mood in the morning.

I have an almost 4 and 5 1/2-year old. They are finally potty trained. *Whew!* But, that doesn't mean all our nights are dry. In fact, lately I have become a laundromat for all the nighttime "oops" and "I'm sorry"s. Though people openly talk about the trials and tribulations of potty training, no one really discusses what goes on afterwards.

Even the most competent child can experience bedwetting. As a Mom I was surprised to discover it is quite common, even in older children. I know, no one talks about it, do they? Bedwetting can affect a child's self esteem and they can be reluctant to discuss it with their parents. My son knows I dislike the added laundry, but I have tried to stress to him that it happens and we just need to take care of it and move on. It's just a developmental stage for him and his younger sister. They don't always wake up in time to make it down to the bathroom, but for some children it can also be caused by a medical condition. Whatever the reasons behind a bedwetting situation, it can be frustrating for everyone in the family.

My husband and I try to be proactive with our kids. They know that drinks are limited after dinnertime and either my husband or I wake them up to use the restroom when we come to bed. Luckily since I am pregnant, I wake up all through the night so it is easy to remind them to use the bathroom then.

Because the laundry was really stacking up and no one likes the wafting smell of pee-stained bedding first thing in the morning, we tried out the White Cloud Sleep Pants available exclusively from Walmart. These are cost-effective, gender neutral sleep pants designed for older children. We tried out  the S/M size, for kids between 45 and 65 lbs.


Thinner than a regular diaper, they are surprisingly absorbent. With stretchy sides, they go on like regular underwear and have a soft inner, hypoallergenic liner that is treated with vitamin E and aloe to be gentle on their skin. My children are very proud of wearing 'big kid' underwear so I didn't want to take a step backwards at night. My daughter liked that they didn't make noise when she wore them in the bed. I have previously tried other nighttime solutions that woke her up throughout the night because they crinkled so much.

The designs are bright and colorful, which is always important to attracting my kids to use something. Since I have two at the same stage I was grateful that I only needed one bag and didn't have to get each child's favorite character or theme.

These are a little large (long?) on my daughter. They fit my son better, but both of my kids are at the bottom of the weight range. Truth be known, they are also pretty low on the growth chart, so I wasn't surprised. They did fit well enough to provide the protection we needed though. I was very impressed with the price per pant. It really can't be beat!

White Cloud

I just want my kids to get a good night's sleep and not worry about whether they will wet the bed. There are so many other things to think about in childhood. This stage too, will pass. I am just glad that White Cloud Sleep Pants can also cause my mornings to be a little brighter and no longer overshadowed with added piles of laundry.

Did you know that over 5 million kids a year experience bedwetting and it is one of the most common experiences during childhood development?
White Cloud Sleep Pants have been developed to provide exceptional comfort and leakage protection while looking like underwear. White Cloud Sleep Pants offer thin, discrete absorbent protection for your child. They have soft, stretchy sides that fit like real underwear, plus leak guards to help protect against leaks. The soft inner liner is hypoallergenic and treated with vitamin E and aloe for skin protection.
Each bag contains two unisex graphic designs and at $7.75, White Cloud offers exceptional value.
This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of White Cloud Sleep Pants.

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