Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Guide To Baby Sleep Positions - A Hilarious Take on Co-Sleeping Antics (Review)

*Disclaimer - I was sent a complimentary copy of this book from RM Media in order to write my review. Associated bloggers are not being compensated in any other way. All experiences and opinions are my own.

Ah, sleep. It is a beautiful thing, wouldn't you say?

I can't say that my nights are perfect right now. With two weeks and change to go before baby #3 is born, I am tossing and turning as well as padding down to the bathroom more often than I care to count each night. Of course, as a Mother of two older children I know that I better enjoy my rest while I can. Things are about to change.

We are a co-sleeping family. Whether you call it co-sleeping or room sharing, we do a bit of both. After trying many products and techniques with my first baby, we turned to a side sleeper for my daughter that attaches to my side of the bed. This is what I recommend to friends having their first child. It allows me to sleep right next to a newborn, nurse easily and we can all get some sleep. Once my children were past the newborn phase we transitioned them into our bed for bed sharing. Though both my children enjoyed this, and it helped us all to sleep more soundly, there are also some challenges to having a little person take over the sacred sleeping space.

My son was a 'toucher'. It didn't matter where he was, or if he was asleep, he had little fingers that would roam. I remember the feeling of his fingers making their way over my face and then in my ears or up my nose in the middle of the night. He was, of course, sound asleep. But, by that time I was usually wide awake and completely creeped out. Now my husband and I laugh about his wandering hands at night, but dare I say it, I kinda miss him being so close to me at night.

Well, Andy Herald and Charlie Capen, from,  have brought humor to the trials and tribulations of co-sleeping with a baby in their book about baby sleep positions. I had a great laugh to the point of tears a few times while thumbing through this quick little book. If you have ever woken up with a child in your bed, you can probably relate to at least one of these descriptions.

One of my favorites was The Superman. Yes, there were a few nights when both my spouse and I awoke to a random simultaneous assault from the bed's smallest occupant. Ah, there is nothing like a swift fist to the face to jar a poor unsuspecting parent awake!

Some of my other favorites include: Jazz Hands, The Booby Trap, and The Family Meeting.

Grab your own copy of The Guide to Baby Sleep Positions from Amazon or share with an expecting friend or family member. This book is sure to get passed around with laughs from everyone. Truly a parental bonding experience!

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