Monday, May 13, 2013

With Little Ones Come BIG Messes - #ScottValues #Sponsored

Some things are inevitable in our home...
  1. We are going to run out of toilet paper faster than I estimate 
  2. Someone will probably get 'stranded' in the bathroom 
  3. The size of the child is not proportional to the messes they will create 
  4. And I stock up on my favorite brand when there is a great deal
Am I the only one constantly fighting the empty roll war with my family? 

I try to remind my kids to replace the empty roll, but the best defense I have found has been to stay well stocked and keep everything handy. I never appreciated the importance of simple paper products before my children were born. But, I have also never met anyone quite as messy as my kids! Now I completely embrace #ScottValues since they keep my home cleaner, teach my children personal responsibility, as well as save me money.


Scott Shared Values makes these durable and handy products even more exciting to this savvy Mom. I am signed up on their site (it was free!) and can now receive unique coupons, savings and deals just by buying the products we already need. I also connected with the deals on their Facebook page.

When I heard Scott products had partnered up with Vudu at Walmart, I knew I would have to track down my own in-store coupon. We love watching movies together and a $4 Vudu coupon would be the perfect treat to enjoy for Mother's Day weekend. We went in search of specially marked Scott Bath Tissue and Scott Paper towel packages.


I prefer to buy the biggest packages possible when I stock up. It not only saves me money, but I don't have to shop as often. I have devoted a corner of the laundry room to stocking up on paper products and cleaners. 

But, this isn't the only place I stash our stock of Scott products. No, the laundry room just holds my reserve stash. I love the 4-packs within the bag so I can easily grab one to store under the bathroom sink. I also keep one roll handy right on the counter. You know, just inches from the hanger. Yes, it might seem like overkill, but my kids don't often tell me when we are running low on supplies. I really hate to be caught unaware. 

Scott Extra Soft

Of course, my kids are messy. Just the day after our shopping trip, my 3-year old spilled her cereal and milk at breakfast. I love that she can grab a sheet or two of Scott Paper towels herself and clean up the spill. Since I have small children I never know what life will throw at me. I keep my camera handy so I was able to grab this quick picture of her morning mishap.

Scott Choose-A-Size

A total Mom win, right? She found it a little odd that I took a picture, but I wasn't busy since she had the spill covered.


Besides having a well-stocked laundry room, we then had that Vudu coupon to redeem on the Walmart site.  All the instructions for the credit are listed underneath the coupon. Account set-up is equally easy and there is a variety of ways to enjoy Vudu. I prefer viewing our selections directly through our TV, but you can also choose to watch via computer or through your Xbox, etc. My kids hadn't seen Dora's Butterfly Ball before and we agreed it would be perfect for our day together.


In honor of our movie selection, we used some of our empty rolls to create our own cute butterflies. This turned our movie date into a full morning of fun activities for the kids. That made this mom very happy.

Scott Bath Tissue

For me, #ScottValues isn't just about the deals and free promotions, It is about running a headache free household and having the time to enjoy as a family. If that means I have to endure a few empty roll surprises, along with fun days of movies and crafts, then so be it!


So, how do you motivate your children to change the roll or clean-up their messes?
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