Saturday, July 6, 2013

Beat the Heat and Bowl Free with AMF Summer Unplugged!

*Disclaimer - I participated in this campaign as a member of One2One Network and am eligible for a prize drawing. All opinions and experiences stated in this post are my own.

Summer is heating up. Well, here in Oregon, last week was a doozie! The temperature kept pushing in the 90's and it was just too hot to take a newborn and two kids outside to play. Unfortunately that leaves my two eldest, and myself, a little stir crazy. This leaves us searching for cooler indoor activities to enjoy together.

My kids love bowling. What is there not to enjoy? Specialty shoes, glitter balls and things to knock over. Add to this a big plate of french fries, music and fun with friends and it is always a hit. As a Mom, I love that they stay engaged, excited and cool in the air-conditioned building.

To make it even more enticing, local AMF bowling centers are again offering Summer Unplugged and Summer Pass programs to get the ball rolling. So why not enjoy an AMF Summer?

So what is the program exactly?

The Summer Unplugged  & Summer Pass Programs run from May 13, 2013 through September 2, 2013 from opening to 8pm daily. Sign up online and then show your membership card at your AMF center or give them your name to play.

Summer Unplugged -  Spare your kids the Summer boredom with two free games daily for youth ages 15 and under. This promotion is good for up to 6 children.. Need to sign up more than 6 kids? Just create another account. Easy peasy. You will still need to rent shoes, but it is still wallet friendly.

Summer Pass - Parents, don't fret, there is Summer Pass program just for you! For $34.95 you can sign up for two free games a day, and bring up to 3 guests aged 16 and up. Shoe rentals, again,  not included.

On a roll and want to play more? This Summer you can "Stay and Play" by paying $1.49 for an additional game. Check out all the details and find an AMF Bowling Center near you.

There are over 250 AMF Bowling Center Locations and a few places around my home state of Oregon, both Salem and Portland are on the list! Search near your home by zip code or city.

Excited to get your bowling on? I know my family is ready to roll.
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