Monday, July 8, 2013

Ready for Spring with Claritin - My Spring In Your Step Mom Meet-Up #spon

*Disclaimer - I was provided a 'Claritin Spring In Your Step Mom Meet-Up' Package for my party and post as a member of the Claritin Mom's Crew. All opinions and experiences are my own.

I look forward to Spring and Summer all Winter long!

Oregon is especially dark, cold and wet from Fall through mid Spring, so we all get excited to get outside and moving again. Unfortunately our family also suffers from seasonal allergies.

Did I mention we live out in the country? On a farm? With lots of dust, pollen, grasses and all manner of things that set us all off?

That is just my family, but many of our friends and their children also suffer during the warmer months from allergies. That is why I love being a part of the Claritin Mom Crew. I already use the products for my family, but I also enjoy spreading the word. We don't have to let our allergies keep us indoor during the best months of the year, right?

This Spring, yeah... I know Summer has snuck up on me already!... I was given the chance to host a 'Spring in Your Step Mom Meet-Up' with friends to ensure we are all ready to tackle the dreaded allergy season.  I was sent a box of goodies to get us started talking and preparing for our allergy attacks.

With the new baby, we decided to meet-up with friends at the park. It is so much easier to chat with friends when the kids can play and the adults can chat. Yes, most of us had to deal with kids and allergies of some sort. Whether it came from pollen, dust or a particular plant, it can get in the way of the fun we want to have as a family.

One of the big hits were the cooling eye masks sent in my box. Yes, even the kids enjoyed them.

My family enjoys Children's Claritin because it works for us. I can give it to my son and he doesn't have scratchy eyes or is cranky for the whole day. My husband and I also use Claritin because when I start to feel my eyes getting irritated I need relief fast!

Of course, take according to the package directions. And as with all medication, keep out of reach of small children.

Have you ever tried Claritin? Do your children suffer from indoor or outdoor allergies? Click HERE for a coupon to try Claritin for yourself.
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