Monday, August 5, 2013

CaringBridge Presents, Hope Conquers All: Inspiring Stories of Love and Healing

*Disclaimer - I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for CaringBridge. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

It doesn't take much to send normal life into a tailspin. Since becoming parents my husband and I have faced a metabolic condition diagnosis (PKU) with my older children and more recently health issues in our immediate family. Each of these events have changed our lives in some way and have taken their emotional toll on us.

A few years ago my Mom announced that she had breast cancer. Living on the opposite side of the country made it hard for me to accept the diagnosis and be there for her. Her strength and fight amazed me. With therapy and surgery she made it through and is now cancer free. I still have a hard time imagining how she faced it all on her own.

More recently our family experienced a series of medical issues with my husband's grandparents. A back surgery didn't turn out as planned and while home alone the other grandparent fell and broke her hip. They are both still in recovery and going through rehabilitation with the goal to come home. But, things have changed considerably and the previous days of easier mobility and non-assistance are probably behind us.

I am grateful that the support and love from family and friends helped get us through these life-changing events. Even with real life help, at times my husband and I sought out online support groups, list serves and resources like CaringBridge. For more than 15 years, this nonprofit has served as a lifeline of hope during life-changing illnesses or events. People can reach out and stay connected to others in times of need.

Sona Mehring founded the CaringBridge website when her friend endured a life-threatening pregnancy. Now with the growth of the site she has collected stories of hope and connection with people suffering from a range of life-changing experiences. These first person accounts have been collected in a single book, Hope Conquers All.

Hope Conquers All contains personal accounts from all ages and backgrounds. The adversities faced range from cancer diagnosis to transplants and horrific accidents. These uplifting tales share a theme of bravery and inspiration and  can be purchased on the CaringBridge site. All author proceeds go directly to CaringBridge.

If you have experienced a life-changing diagnosis or event, you will appreciate this amazing book. Give the gift that gives back, or enjoy it for yourself today.

Have you experienced a life-changing event recently? Where did you turn to for support?

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