Sunday, August 18, 2013

Chillin' Out With Keurig Brew Over Ice Review + Giveaway

*Disclaimer - I was sent a welcome kit as part of the Keurig Brew Crew blogger program for my review. All opinions and experiences are my own. 

Life on the farm gets awfully hot, awfully fast around here. Today my husband is out cutting hay and I know when he comes in the first thing he will reach for is a tall drink of something cold.

Me? I think Summer is the perfect reason to keep a tall, cold cup of iced tea or iced coffee handy. Of course, I have the tendency to knock back an entire pitcher myself so when my husband comes home I am hard pressed to have any to share.

That was one reason why we bought our Keurig. My husband and I are never ready for our cup of coffee at the same time, so now we can make it fresh on demand. With the growing selection of brew over ice K-cups from Keurig, our cold tea, coffee and vitamin drinks have gotten even faster to make.

Just put a K-Cup in the brewer as usual, fill up an insulated cup with ice and dispense the brew into the cup. I gave mine a few stirs to cool it down and then I was good to sip.

I was not only delighted to see more cold options, but my husband was thrilled to see his favorite Snapple flavored iced teas were in on the fun. Now we don't have to agree on what to drink. I can have my iced coffee, if I choose, and he can have his Snapple.

The vitamin burst, strawberry pomegranate was delicious! It was my first time trying one of these. It makes a fun alternative to the standard coffee or tea from the Keurig.

The Doughnut Shop Sweet and Creamy iced coffee was delicious. Just the perfect way to perk up my busy Summer afternoon. It really was smooth and flavorful enough for me to want to savor every sip.

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