Thursday, August 29, 2013

Motivation to Move - Lifetrak Move 300

*Disclaimer - I received the Lifetrak Move C300 activity tracker as a compensation for my time and efforts via Fitspiration For Moms Network. All experiences and opinions are my own.


Another baby, another set of unwanted baby pounds to shed.  Yes, I have been a busy girl. Once coming out of the new baby fog I started to move. It has been a slow start, but it took 9 months to pack the extra weight on and I will devote the next 9 months to taking it off in a healthy way. I have chosen to start my new chapter one step at a time.

Of course, finding a way to stay motivated and track my progress is important to me. With the other kids I found a device that allowed me to "compete" with my step counts or set goals for myself to achieve. So I was looking for something to help me along this journey. The Lifetrak Move 300 seemed like a great place to start tracking my activity. It sounded like the perfect reason to #GetMoving.

Lifetrak Move 300

My Lifetrak arrived and I couldn't wait to start set-up. First I downloaded the accompanying FREE app, Argus, for my iPhone. Then I began adjusting the settings for my activity tracker, setting weight, height and checking to see if my stride and step count were accurate. It took me less than 10 minutes to be ready to start using it.

Wearable Activity Tracker

One of the best features, in my opinion, is that the Lifetrak is waterproof - submersible to 90 feet. That is more than sufficient for me to spend an afternoon swimming with my kids, or wash the dishes and not worry about ruining my tracker. Believe me, I have gone through more than my fair share of pedometers and other health trackers due to moisture and shorting out.

Basically I have worn my Lifetrak everywhere for the past 3 weeks.

Lifetrak waterproof

This device replaced several items I had in my healthy lifestyle arsenal. It could track my heart rate so I didn't have to remember to wear my heart rate monitor during exercise, it counted my steps so I didn't also need a pedometer and helped me keep track of the time and date as well.

This activity tracker connects with Bluetooth Smart enabled devices allowing you to use the data collected for health and fitness apps. To sync up I just needed to have my iPhone nearby and open the app while pressing a button on my wristband. It was fast and easy. Then the info showed up when I opened the Argus app.

I'm a busy Mom and this device was everything I needed to get up and out the door without much fuss. Adding this to the Argus app also allowed me to track and photograph my food, water, the weather and much more. The price point really can't be beat at just under $60 on Amazon. For this price I did a lot more manually entering of items, but it still wasn't bad.


I move for my kids. They are the reason I want to get back into shape and drop a few jean sizes. This little beauty will be going with me for all my activities, walking, swimming or cycling. At the end of the day I know exactly how active I was and am able to set realistic goals for the next day. For that reason, I love my Lifetrak Move 300.

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