Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My Glamorous Life at Home

Everyone seems to have an assumption of what a Stay-at-Home Mom does all day. Most often I hear how boring or lonely my day must be.

The secret that all of us home with kids know is that life out of the office is anything but boring! In fact, remembering back to my former desk life, those times I watched all the clock-watchers, I think they have it backwards.

Today by 10 am, I am still not dressed ... my children are, but I haven't had a free moment. Running from nursing the baby to refereeing the older children, to the the laundry room and back again, I haven't even finished my cup of coffee. In my previous life I would be on, at least, my second cup and counting down the moments till lunch break.

With all the activity in the house there is always something to be organized, cleaned or prepared. I have come to the realization that those "picture perfect" homes where everything is spotless only happen for people who are never home. Our house is a constant shuffling of 'stuff' and finger smudges pop up as fast as I can wipe things down.

In my home we eat from scratch, which means there is always a messy kitchen despite running the dishwasher three times a day. It seems like something is always in the oven or bubbling away at the stove. And once a meal has finished, there is clean-up to do and preparation to begin for the next meal.

Am I complaining? Believe it or not, no.

My life may not seem glamorous to others, and spit-up may never be the season's "it" accessory, but the job does come with the best perks out there. Namely the children I have watched grow and blossom since birth. Everyday, good or bad, I am here with them.

This time around with a newborn I was more aware of the rapid changes and fleeting moments that will leave an indelible mark on my memory. I feel grateful to be here to experience all the little things that make up the people my children have become.

A boring moment? Never! Worth the personal sacrifices? Absolutely. I am proud to be a stay-at-home Mom.

What are you thoughts on staying home? If money was no option, would it be for you?

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