Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Little Man Turns 2! ...2 months, that is.

Yes, it has been 2 months already. Elliott is getting so big and his personality is starting to really shine through.

He has been rockin' tummy time and rarely cries when he gets tired. He just puts his head down and licks the play mat.

He has been known to wear out his Daddy. Oh, did I mention this boy likes to stretch and play with his play gym. He only recently noticed this mat has a little crinkly beaver. Elliott is quite smitten with it.

He is quick to smile when his big brother and sister sit with him. I have just loved watching this sibling relationship blossom.

So what is this little guy like?

Well, he isn't much of a crier. He has short but sweet little protests and then quickly settles in to sleep. He is happily nursing like a champ and growing fast. His 2 month check-up is next week and I know he will have passed at least 11 lbs., maybe 12?

He doesn't care for pacifiers but will take one occasionally. His siblings keep trying to convince him to give it a shot. Not that any of my kids ever liked pacifiers. I just always had some on hand in case.

Sleeping? I couldn't be happier. I don't expect him to sleep 8 hours at this age. We usually go down between 10 and 11 pm and then he wakes to eat and be changed around 4 am. He is kind enough to let me slip in another quick nap before the bigger kids come downstairs. I currently feel almost normal.

We have affectionately called him "Little Lizard" because he is always sticking out his tongue. It really is adorable.

I can't complain. Being my final baby, I just want to snuggle with him all day. He is growing so fast and I know this won't last forever. Now I am looking to see what great things will happen in his third month. Way to go Mr. Elliott! Happy 2 month birthday.
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