Saturday, August 10, 2013

Tillamook Yogurt, Kid Approved! Lowfat and Light #Review (#sponsored)

*Disclaimer - I was sent a sample of Tillamook yogurt and promotional items to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received.. All opinions are my own and based on my own experiences.

Yogurt is a staple in our home. For breakfast, lunch or a quick snack I seem to eat some everyday. My kids enjoy having a little with fruit and mixed into their smoothies. Of course, we are picky about the yogurt we buy. I try to stay away from long ingredient lists and high fructose corn syrup, but I don't want to sacrifice texture and flavor either.

I do enjoy making my own, but there isn't the same convenience when my life gets really busy. I still regularly buy containers of yogurt for smoothies or healthy snacks. It always seems like a better choice for my family than chips or processed treats.

I jumped at the chance to try the lowfat and light Tillamook Yogurts with my kids because I am proud of the company that originated in my home state of Oregon. We usually don't buy light or lowfat yogurt, but I wanted to see if we noticed a difference.

Yes, I should, but I have never liked the flavor of lower fat yogurt. It tasted more artificial to me. Tillamook boast no artificial flavors or colors and that makes this Mom happy.

I was sent lowfat Marionberry and Raspberry, along with light Oregon Strawberry and Vanilla Bean.

I tried the Oregon Strawberry light yogurt first. Now, since we grow strawberries on the farm, I am pretty partial to the flavor of our local berries. They have a unique flavor and are smaller compared to the widely found Californian strawberries. The Tillamook yogurt was thick, creamy and the strawberry flavor was spot on! Sweet and full of flavor, I thought this might be my favorite out the sampling. My son also tried it and announced it was his favorite flavor.

I gave the raspberry yogurt to my husband since he is the big raspberry fan in our family. He approved and didn't share any with the rest of us.

I think the lid on the packaging sums up why I love this brand. Oh, and don't forget they are farmer owned! As a farming family we have to support our fellow farms.

My daughter chose the Marionberry yogurt. I grabbed a spoonful and we both enjoyed this flavor as well. I like that the Tillamook yogurts aren't overly sweet and really let the flavors of the fruit shine through. She is a cane berry fan just like me.

As for the vanilla bean? We stirred that into some fresh fruit and made a nice little side salad perfect for a warm Summer evening. It has a beautifully light flavor that paired well with our berries, grapes and citrus mixture.

I was pleased with the Tillamook Lowfat and Light flavors that I received and my kids licked their spoons and bowls. They were not light on taste and I couldn't see a difference between them and their full fat counterparts. I am excited to see what other flavors are waiting for us in the grocery store.

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Have you given Tillamook yogurt a try? Simply good and delicious, it is a high quality product I can proudly give my family. Be sure to look for it in your local stores.
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