Sunday, September 29, 2013

Finding Peace of Mind with the Tagg Pet Tracker

*Disclaimer - This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Tagg™ Pet Tracker, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #pettracker

Our Border Collie, Cooper, is an important member of our family. I didn't have a dog growing up, so when we moved out to the country I knew finding the perfect dog for my young family was a priority. Kids should grow up with a dog, right? A dog out here helps me feel safer at night. He also does a great job of keeping pests out of the yard and from around the chicken coop, and he loves to play with the kids.

We adopted Coop from our local animal shelter. You could say it was love at first sight. We don't know why he ended up at the shelter, but I feel very lucky to have found him. Border Collies are popular dogs around here and I am sure if we hadn't snatched him up, he wouldn't have stayed family-less for long. But I like to think he was meant for us.

He reminds me a little of my 5-year old son. He has endless energy,  and can run for hours

Luckily we live on a farm with enough room for Cooper to just run. His favorite thing is to play catch in the alfalfa field when it has been mowed. This dog can really move!

We have a fenced backyard and side pasture, but there have been a few times that Cooper has gotten out of the yard. A downed fence or a child that forgets to latch the back gate and he is gone. Down through the cherry orchard, out past the corn fields and off chasing smells and animals around the farm.

The last thing I want is for something to happen to our family dog. With big log trucks on the main roads and people driving extra fast down our "quiet country road", I worry.  The chance to try out a product that could track and help me locate our beloved pet seemed perfect.

The Tagg Pet Tracker is a really cool product. I know, our dog was micro chipped when he left the shelter, but that only works if someone takes Cooper in to be scanned. It doesn't help us find where Cooper has wandered off to on the farm. It is a big farm.

The box contained everything I needed to get started. From the lightweight tracker and docking station, to cords and a protective cover it was easy to set up everything in a couple of minutes. There were two sets of clips for attaching the tracker to his collar so I have a replacement if one gets lost or damaged.

I placed the tracker on the docking station to charge and then attached it to Cooper's collar when it was ready.

I set up my account online and set up Cooper's information - breed, size, weight, etc. Not only does the Tagg Pet Tracker monitor where Cooper is and help me use GPS to locate him if he gets out of the yard, but  it also gives me activity reports and tells me how active he is during the day. It was no surprise, Cooper is a very busy dog. He earns points daily for different intensity levels and duration of his activity. It is fun to review the charts and compare his activity.

I also set the Tagg Pet Tracker home tagg zone. Anytime Cooper went outside my set zone I was given a text or email depending on how I set it up. Luckily, Cooper wandered back on his own and the tracker even notified me when he come back.

To keep track of his activity, notifications and easy location tracking, I downloaded the Tagg - The Pet Tracker free app on iTunes.

Not only could I easily monitor my best friend, but I can now do it anywhere. From work or while away, I can make sure my beloved pet is safe and healthy. I know several people who could use this feature for peace of mind.

Here are some of the features of the Tagg Pet Tracker:

  • Keeps an eye on your pet at home
  • It tracks the duration and intensity of your pet's activity
  • has a long-lasting batter
  • is lightweight
  • attaches to any size collar
  • water resistant, even while swimming

I love having peace of mind that Cooper is where he is supposed to be. And if he does get out again, I now have a way to find him quickly and easily.

Try it for yourself. Use the discount TAGG10 to save 10% off of a Tagg Pet Tracker. (The Tagg Pet Tracker is normally $99 with 3 months of free service

Has your pet ever gotten lost? How did you find them?
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