Thursday, September 26, 2013

Nuby Teether Tugz - Perfect for Exploration

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My son has entered the grab and devour stage of babyhood. He is still too young for teeth, but he is putting everything in his mouth.

Everything in the house seems to be in lock-down mode. The kids have to watch their toys, my son is a Lego fanatic and those are no good for his baby brother, but I still need to provide my youngest safe options to gum and chew on.

So the Nuby Teether Tugz rabbit was perfect for Elliott! Teether Tugz are cute little critters made up of a mixture of fabrics, colors and textures.

The bright colors and cute face have kept my baby occupied for hours. I can see him cuddling with this as he gets older, too.

My favorite part is the harder textured pieces on the end of the long ears for chewing. I think Elliott's favorite part to chew is the corduroy orange nose!

I love that this little bunny is also soft and plush. It is the first toy my older children offer him when he fusses in the swing.

Another fun feature is the ears are not sewn onto the sides of the toy's head. They actually pull through, but are stopped by the plastic teething parts at the end. All of my kids had fun with this movement. I love that I won't be sewing them back on constantly.

Okay, a 3 month old is going to chew, this gives me something I feel comfortable giving my baby. All the seams are tight and the material is high quality. This is now my go-to toy to keep Elliott happy when we are away from home.

You can find your own Nuby Teether Tugs at Buy Baby Direct.
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Did your kids have a special teething toy?

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