Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Nuby's Gum-eez first teether - A Review To Chew On

*Disclaimer - I was provided a product for review as a Nuby Mommy Blogger. No other compensation was received. All opinions and experiences are my own.

I am excited to announce that I am a new Nuby Mommy Blogger. In upcoming posts I will be reviewing more baby and children's products. Stay tuned!


If you have gone through teething with a baby, you know you will want all the help you can get. I have two older children and both were just a little different. Even though it is painful for your little one, it doesn't have to be a painful time for everyone in the family.

My son is almost 3 months old, and teething is just around the corner for us. I have already noticed that Elliott is more interested in putting things in his mouth to give a good toothless chomp. Nuby's Gum-eez First Teether looked like the product I had been searching for, for years.

From frozen waffles to wash cloths, I tried it all. It was always difficult to find the right object to give my babies the perfect pressure to massage their sore gums. Check out the bumps, ridges and shape of this teether:


Made of medical grade silicone it is 100% BPA Free. This teether is designed like a pacifier so it works well for young babies, like Elliott, who don't have the hand-eye coordination to use a teething toy themselves. Even the handle is bendable silicone. This makes it easy for him to grab and pull on.

So how do you know if your baby is teething? Here are my top 5 signs that a baby may be teething. No, I'm not a doctor and recommend you talk with yours if you have any concerns. These are just what I am looking for with my newest addition.

  1. Drooling. If you have ever seen a young baby with a soaked shirt, well, they may be teething. Seems like a few of our friends had kids who just drooled bucket-fulls when they were cutting teeth.
  2. Fussy. Yes, this can be a sign of many things, but if you have tried the usual fixes and your baby is still uncomfortable, they may be teething. My oldest son also had runnier diapers and fussed more during the day.
  3. A Drive to Chew. While teething, my kids pulled everything into their mouths. Whether it was the baby carrier straps, toys, their fingers, blankets, etc. If you are nursing, don't be surprised if your baby gives you a solid chomp. I found the phase passed quickly with my older two, but it can still be painful.
  4. A Mild Fever. I have heard conflicting reports, but it is passed down in my family that babies often run a slight fever while teething. My daughter's temperature was raised a few degrees higher which also led to her being extra fussy. It passed quickly though and I tried to keep her comfortable.
  5. Sleep Changes. This goes along with the other things I already mentioned, but along with the baby generally feeling poorly, they might not sleep as well and wake more during the night. Seems like my oldest son's sleep patterns changed while he was teething. He slept more fitfully and didn't sleep at his usual times.
As Moms, I think we have a gut instinct about when our baby is teething. If not, you probably have some other Mom friends who will point out anything you have missed. My goal is to make this little guy as comfortable as possible when he starts to teethe. 


So, what did Elliott think of the Gum-eez?

Well, it wasn't any pacifier or bottle nipple he was used to. It did give him more to "chew" on. He didn't cry or spit it out right away. I don't think he needs the relief quite yet, but I will keep it handy for when teething really starts.

You can find your own Nuby Gum-eez at DD's Discounts and Meijer.

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What teething signs have you heard of or experienced?
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