Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Starting a School Career with Kindergarten

No, I didn't cry, but as a Mom I was elated, scared and nervous all at the same time to send my oldest off for his first day of Kindergarten.

Things around here have been just shy of crazy lately. We just got back from PKU Family Camp, my daughter turned 4 and my son started school today. Whew! I have been a little overwhelmed and look forward to settling into a new routine with the family.

I have so many things to share here on the blog, reviews, giveaways and recipes. I just haven't had the time to sit down and write with everything going on. Blogging for me goes in waves. It is a big part of my life, but my family always has to take priority. Without my kids and activities, there wouldn't be much of interest to post here. As a Mom my heart has been focused on other things.

In 2010 I posted this post-it for a Tuesday meme, it seems very fitting today. Though I am thrilled that he has hit this milestone, it is scary knowing that I am not in complete control of his diet and PKU management. So many more things can go wrong.

I broke out the old Japanese bento boxes from my years living overseas and put together a special low-protein lunch for my son. The funny thing is, I was so disheartened that my low-pro bread didn't rise properly. Fate made it fit perfectly in his little lunch box. Of course, it tastes just fine. I made some crock pot apple sauce and filled the smaller portion with dried fruit and sliced vegetables. I hope he likes it.

The big thing about this morning was the bus. My son could barely contain his excitement. The wait was painfully long for his little sister and the baby just fell asleep. So typically my son, once the door opened he was scrambling up the stairs. I only had a chance to grab this one picture. He was beaming and waving from the second seat before I could snap another one.

Seems like I am the only one nervous in the family.

This is the beginning of a beautiful school career! I know my son is going to love it. I wish him the best and the same to all the kids also starting out today.

What was the first day of school like in your family?
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