Thursday, October 17, 2013

Keeping It Clean with Nûby Easy Clean Soap Dispensing Bottle Brush

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Seems like I am always washing bottles. From glass storage bottles, to sippy cups, and everything in between, it is hard to get everything clean without a good scrub. But, not all  brushes are created equal.

I am particular about what I clean with and keep a few brushes on hand for separate jobs. First I have the ones that are made for scrubbing general dishes. These will never fit in small necked bottles or feeding bottles. I also have a brush just for cleaning my cast iron items. Soap doesn't touch this one. Then I keep one brush special for just the baby bottles and drinking bottles.

I replace mine when it shows signs of wear, or every month. I like to know that what I wash my kids' bottles out with is clean.

I was really excited to try out the Nûby Easy Clean Soap Dispensing Bottle Brush. It combined a couple of features that I just love. I like to have this brush handy so wanted something that would stand upright to drain. This brush has a suction base to keep it in place and ready to go.

It is also a soap dispenser. Now, that makes things really easy!

Just fill the base up with dish soap, push the button to dispense a small amount of soap and get on with tackling that sink full of bottles. Unlike some soap dispensing scrubbies or brushes I have used in the past, this doesn't just ooze soap - which can be very expensive and frustrating. It really does dispense a small amount at a time.

The head of the brush fit easily into even my smallest bottles. From sippy cups and wide mouth feeding bottles, to my small neck storage bottles I pump into, this brush worked on all of them. It has two types of bristles, hard, stiff, blue ones at the tip and base, with white softer bristles to wipe down the middle of the bottle. There was no dried milk left around the bottom or side of the bottle necks.

BPA-free, the brush has a soft and comfortable blue grip for easy use. Even with warm soapy water running down my hands, I didn't lose my grip.

Don't let bottle cleaning get you down. Just get a better bottle brush.

You can find your own Easy Clean Soap Dispensing Bottle Brush at Buy Baby Direct and Sam's Club.

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