Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Farm Update: Step into my Office

Step into my office. Just watch where you step.

I do a fair amount of my blog writing, reviews and photo editing inside the house, but a lot of inspiration happens while I am doing my morning chores around the yard.

I would like to think that the yard, the house and the farm are all my office. My iPhone allows me to stay connected and shoot off emails from wherever I am. Conference calls? Yes, I can take them while picking kale or waiting for my bread to rise. Most of my writing is done from the craft room/office, recliner or kitchen table. Thank goodness for laptops.

Social Media is a constant. There is always something to read, comment on or reply to, but life and the farm keep moving, too. I can't really stop and devote time to one or the other. I have just found a way to make it all work for me.

The cooler weather and shorter days have me reaching for pumpkin flavored coffee in the morning, but has also caused my hens to molt for the Winter. This has made my office quite messy. Feathers are everywhere in the yard and they get tracked into the house along with loads of mud on little shoes.

My blogging is about our life and that is always swirling around me. No post is completed without interruptions from the kids, the animals or the UPS driver.

Basically I write wherever I can. The million sticky notes and scribbles on the back of shopping lists are evidence of that. I write my posts ahead of time in my head and then try to bang them out on the keyboard as soon as a spare moment presents itself. I think this is why blogging has become such a big part of my life. I couldn't imagine not planning my next post.

Where do you write?
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