Thursday, November 14, 2013

Pass the Plate - Elliott turned 5 months old!

There is no cookie cutter for kids, no mold, they are all different and surprising.

Elliott turned 5 yesterday and this week has been quite the kick in the pants for this veteran Mom.

We have officially hit the "everything in the mouth" phase. We can't go very long without offering him a teething toy, pacifier or ...something. No, not quite teething yet. No swollen gums or teeth cutting, but he has been driven to chew like a new puppy. The wetness strings of saliva are also there... and everything is soaked.

With this came the biggest shock to me - interest in food! Where did that come from? He started grabbing for food and successfully landed a few bites of cracker, banana and teething biscuits. I don't push solids, so this really took me by surprise. I guess it is time to break out the Baby Brezza for some homemade pear and apple sauce. I don't plan on doing traditional baby food with Elliott since he doesn't have any food restrictions or allergies yet.

Sitting up sessions are getting longer and longer! Those little ab muscles are really working hard, but he still topples backwards without a little help.

The older kids still adore their baby brother and I am grateful for that. Now if they would only stop fighting over him.

5 months old? Can you believe it?

He is getting much better at laying himself down to sleep. Both Evan and I can identify when he is tired, which helps. This week I plan to switch him over to napping in his crib alone. He has finally grown out of the bassinet and doesn't need the swing to lull him to sleep anymore. Such a big boy!

Happy 5-month Birthday Elliott!
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