Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Day for Play - FROZEN Fun and DIY Snow Globe

I enjoyed a FROZEN day of #FrozenFun shopping for Walmart toys as a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for Collective Bias and its advertiser.

The end of 2013 and the end of my son's Christmas break was supposed to be spent at a friend's cabin skiing and playing in the snow. My children's dreams had been filled with building snowmen and making snow angels for weeks. My son has new skis he hasn't had a chance to use and my daughter received new pink ski goggles for Christmas Watching Disney's FROZEN in the theater just added to their excitement. But despite the weather in the rest of the country, Oregon has had very little snow t> And then we also got sick

To raise my poor kids' spirits I decided to declare our own FROZEN day at home. Why not? I was inspired by FROZEN the movie and all the great Walmart toys I had seen the previous week.

My children watched FROZEN long after their Christmas lists were made and my holiday shopping was finished, so there were many items my daughter already was eyeing for next year. But, why wait? What is a day of #FrozenFun without the stars?

Because I never take my family shopping on empty stomachs, we popped into our Walmart Subway to grab a quick lunch. The kids ordered the Subway Fresh Fit for Kids meal, that included a drink, apple slices and small sandwich. I Grabbed a big Veggie Delight salad and we all shared. It is always a treat to eat out and combining that with toy shopping made it the best day ever.

After lunch we came home to enjoy all the great FROZEN merchandise we found. We picked up an Anna Toddler Doll for a friend's birthday next week, my daughter picked out a dress-up dress and dolls, while my son chose the small action figure set that included his favorite characters, Sven and Olaf. I also grabbed a book of stickers to use for our craft project of the afternoon - FROZEN snow globes!

If there is one thing that can take my children's minds off a canceled trip, it is a fun craft project. All I had to say was there would be glitter and stickers involved. Enough said.

DIY FROZEN Snow Globes

I found some child-friendly snow globe containers at the craft store a few weeks ago. The bottom is flat, so the cap is on top and it is all plastic. It seemed like there would be less risk of messes or breakage. If you can't find something similar, you can also reuse empty baby food jars or other food jars. Just remove the label and any remaining adhesive.

 You Will Need:

  • Snow Globe Container
  • Baby Oil
  • Clear Packing Tape
  • Glitter
  • FROZEN stickers

1. First check how much room you have in your snow globe. My containers were 3 1/2" high to the base of the neck. This is how high your stickers and tape can be.

2. The clear packing tape served as an inexpensive and fast way to seal my stickers away from moisture. Overlapping two pieces of tape, and keeping the total height under 3 1/2", I attached my stickers to the adhesive side. Feel free to create a fun scene.Carefully cover with another layer of tape, sandwiching the stickers in the middle. Trim the excess off the ends as needed.

3. Create a ring that will fit inside your container. This took a little trial and error for me to get the characters just where I wanted them.

4. Add your glitter. We chose a very FROZEN inspired bright blue glitter for our snow.

5. Fill the snow globe up completely with mineral oil. Any air left in your container will show up as air bubbles. Why mineral oil? There are other items you can use, too. Mineral oil will slow down the movement of the glitter so you can watch the snow fall. I found the store brand in Walmart was very inexpensive.

6. I put just a little water-safe adhesive inside the lid so little fingers can't unscrew the snow globe later and make a large mineral oil mess.

And there you have it... our easy DIY FROZEN Snow Globes!

Whether your child loves Anna and Elsa or Sven and Olaf, our little snow globes let you see different Disney FROZEN characters from all angles.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Yes, our day of FROZEN fun was a great success! From our shopping trip and lunch to home with our new toys and a craft project, I think I successfully brought the cold weather fun indoors. At least my kids didn't ask me about skiing all day.

My favorite part of our day of play was just spending time with my kids. I loved watching them recreate scenes from the movie and create some new ones of their own. Our day might have been Disney inspired, but the memories we created ourselves.

When is the last time you devoted a day to play? How would FROZEN inspire you?
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