Friday, January 17, 2014

Forgot the Baby? Nah... Elliott Turned 7 Months Old

This month my baby, Elliott turned 7 months old.

You might have noticed that I missed the 13th and "forgot" to post his photo shoot. Well, let me tell you no one was forgotten. Believe me, this little man is impossible to forget.

This month instead of a more formal photo shoot celebrating another great month of growth and change, I snapped a few impromptu shots between shooting some food photos.

I just turned the lights around and captured my little guy as he looked on at his Mommy with her big camera.

Coo-ing and giggling at my feet he seemed to say, "Look at me, Mommy! ... forget that food." And of course I did. He is just too cute to resist.

Yes, I'm biased.

A hearty eater, Elliott is now sporting two bottom teeth. Sharp, too! He is very social and happy.

No crawling. Not just yet. This little guy has it made with big brother and sister to cater to his every need and whim. When he isn't being carried around to see the excitement, he is either eating or napping. Yeah, not a bad life.

Happy 7 month birthday my little man. Now Mommy better get to work planning that 1st birthday party. It is going to be here before I know it.
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