Monday, March 3, 2014

First Sips with Nuby's 2-Handled Soft Sipper Cup

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Oh, my! These past 8+ months have flown by! My baby has 3 teeth, he is a proficient crawler and this kid loves to eat. I am attempting self led weaning with Elliott. No, that doesn't mean I am done nursing. It means I am letting him eat and explore foods at his own pace. Even with just 3 teeth he can make quick work of rice and steamed broccoli.

So I was thinking it was time to work on drinking from a Sipper Cup.

 A breastfeeding baby doesn't need any extra fluids, but this is more a practice in coordination and buying a little more time at the dinner table. He has gotten so good at his pincher grasp that giving him Kix or Cheerios to keep him occupied no longer keeps him occupied for long.

A small, light weight and leak proof Sipper Cup seemed like a natural next step.

For Elliott the cup would need to be comfortable and easy for him to handle. Amazingly, it took him no time to find the handles and clamp on.

For me as a Mom, I needed to know the cup wasn't going to leak. At his age he is as likely to throw the cup onto the floor as he is to try drinking from it. That can get really messy really fast.

This Sipper cup is 3 peices. There is the bottle with handles, the soft rubber spout and top, as well as the screw-top ring. In order to be "no-spill" you need to line the tup up with the notches on the ring. Then it will vent properly and it can be screwed down to the bottle.

Our first go was with just a little water in the bottom. It was a fun novely for Elliott so he kept trying to bite and chew on the spout. I helped him tip it back a few times and he caught on for the most part.

This was a great fit for my little guy. Brightly colored and easy for him to grasp, it also has withstood his rough use.

Here are all the important stats for the No-Spill 2-Handled Soft Sipper Cup:

  • For babies 6 months+
  • Hold 7 oz / 210 ml
  • Trademarked No Spill™ technology
  • Great starter cup
  • Soft, silicone spout

You can find your own at these retailers:

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