Friday, April 25, 2014

Baby Yogurt on the Go? Grab a Pouch of Stonyfield Organic Yogurt

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Elliott took to eating better than I could have imagined. In fact, he is now an eating machine.

This was in stark contrast to my previous two children. After visits to the feeding clinic with my oldest and arsenal of eating tools and tricks, I was ready to give this little guy my all. Of course, he didn't need any extra help.

I waited to start feeding till he showed an interest... and an interest he had. Our pediatrician suggested starting him off with yogurt. So I did and we haven't looked back.

Of course, since Elliott doesn't have any food restrictions I wanted to find only the best food for him to start on. That lead me to Stonyfield Organic and YoBaby yogurt. We already enjoyed the Stonyfield brand in our home, but I loved the YoBaby containers. Vanilla and peach have been a big hit so far.

But have you ever tried to travel with a carton of yogurt? I promise it can get messy.

Now I can get the same YoBaby Organic Whole Milk Yogurt we love in a squeeze pouch. Am I the only one who just loves the squeeze pouch trend?

Squeeze pouches weren't as common (I don't ever remember seeing them!) when my older kids were young. Now I fill their lunches with pouches of apple sauce or other goodies. The beauty is no spoon is necessary and the cap can go back on to save leftovers for later.

Stonyfield is the first company to create a refrigerated organic yogurt pouch, and all of their  pouches contain pure organic ingredients and never have high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors. Nice, right?

I was able to find YoBaby in both Blueberry and Vanilla flavors. We have given Elliott the Vanilla yogurt before, so I knew he liked it. I like it, too! Today though, we tried out Blueberry.

Elliott mildly tolerates us feeding him. I promise that I can't squeeze it onto a spoon fast enough to keep him happy. See the little tear in his right eye?

At almost 11 months old he has been able to figure out pouces pretty quickly. That frees my hands to enjoy my own breakfast.

Now, these do have to be refrigerated, but they would slip into a small cooler for short trips and I plan to take them when we head shopping or for a meal out. My son is just between stages right now. He doesn't want pureed baby food and wants to feed himself more. Because I am picky about what Elliott eats, this yogurt is a great choice for us.

Elliott is a big fan. Which flavor does he prefer? I have no idea. He goes through the pouches too fast to tell. I have tried both and love them equally. What I love is the thick and creamy texture of Stonyfield yogurts. They are great for eating straight or in our morning smoothies.

Now I am on the hunt for the YoToddler and YoKid organic yogurt pouches. I haven't been able to locate them locally yet, but I am going to request them at our regular grocery store. 

Check their site store locator to see where you can find these great pouches near you. And connect with Stonyfield on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to hear about new products and promotions.

Have you seen the Stonyfield organic yogurt pouches in your area?
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