Thursday, April 10, 2014

Creating Wooden Peg Dolls for Easter (pt. 1)

As a child I loved wooden toys. Of course, growing up in the 80's they were much harder to come by. Most toys were injection molded plastic or die cast metal, but the art and craftsmanship of wooden painted toys always had my appreciation.

Since my daughter is just starting to get into dolls I wanted to introduce her to peg dolls.

Okay, it was an excuse for me to break out the paints and make some for her. The wooden peg dolls are easy enough to find in your local craft store or online and with a few simple tools you can start creating your own little peg doll families.

For this project I used:
  • Wooden peg dolls
  • fine sandpaper
  • paint brushes
  • pencil
  • an assortment of acrylic paints
  • toothpick
  • clear varnish
Start by sanding down any rough parts of the wooden doll. Keep the sandpaper handy, it can also be used to sand off any painting mistakes.

Then use your pencil to sketch out the proportions of your doll. I will add the details after getting the base colors on.

With acrylic paints I started on the skin and hair. Once it was dry I moved onto some of the facial details,

Next I need to paint the clothing and add the arms and finer details with a thin brush or toothpick. Te last step will then be to seal the paint with clear varnish,

What do you think so far? I am pretty happy with how she is coming along. Next time I will have her finished and maybe a few others to share. Check out my finished doll in Wooden Peg Dolls Part 2.

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