Monday, July 7, 2014

Keeping Our Adventures Cool with Fruttare Fruit and Juice Bars and Free Printable

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Seems like Summer has just started, but as the days get hotter, I have been hearing, "Mom, we're bored!" followed closely behind by, "Mom, we're hot!"  Neither of which I want to be hearing right now. It's Summer! With a little added incentive I peeled my kids off the couch and got them outside to explore.

What did I use to entice them to go outside willingly? Well, it didn't take much. I created a little field guide for my fearless backyard adventurers. You can grab the "Fearless Backyard Adventurer" badge printable and create your own little field guides. I wanted to leave it open to add activities or just plain paper for nature sketches, etc., so it ties in the back and  I created the cover with plain chipboard, punched  holes to tie closed with natural twine and glued the badge to the front with glue.

But, to really beat boredome I went a step further and created a scavenger hunt for them that was tailored to our area. 

I created my scavenger hunt to take us all around the farm. The kids were so excited! Yes, for once they weren't worried about the heat, they were just excited to see how many items they could find. Could they do it all?

Decked out with their favorite adventure gear, binoculars, magnifying glass, camera, and gadget vests they set off on their little farm adventure. 

The first item on the scavenger hunt was, "Find something you can eat." I drew a little fork for my daughter who will be starting Kindergarten this Fall and can't read the instructions without help.

Here on the farm that could have been a clue for just about anything. We grow a lot of edible vegetables and fruit. They could have gone into our garden, the cherry orchard, or the row crops. No, they went straight for the blueberry patch. 

I don't blame them.

First item was found and we could already feel the temperature rising. Luckily they were focussed on whatever the treat for completing the scavenger hunt would be. I promised them it would be worth all the work.

But, it was going to be a surprise.

The little ladybug was found in record time, and my son found the smallest apple on our backyard tree. The last 3 items went just as fast and the kids were so wrapped up into the challenge they almost forgot there was a super secret surprise for completing the challenge.

To celebrate their adventure I broke out the Fruttare Fruit and Juice Bars. Yes, the perfect cold treat to end a fun morning together. I had picked up several flavors at my local Fred Meyers (Kroger store) to help us beat the heat. This time of year I keep our outside deep freeze well stocked for these hot days.

For the kids I had the Mango and Black Cherry, and my favorite is the Coconut and milk. I also wanted to try the other berry and milk combinations. The guys work hard on the farm and I love being prepared with afternoon treats. Yeah, adults deserve treats, too! 

I just love the creamy texture of the fruit and milk bars. My kids are fans of the real fruit flavors offered. We have a big cherry orchard, so my kids don't care for poor immitation cherry flavor. These bars are just as good as I could make in our freezer with fresh fruit - but without all the work! 

So after running around the hot farm all morning, we could finally sit down and relax under the shade of a tree and enjoy our treats. Now, isn't that the secret to a great Summer? Play outside all day and break for frozen treats?

My kids approved and they can't wait for me to create another fun activity for their field journals. They already put in their orders for which Fruttare bars they want afterwards.

What can I say? I have to keep my little adventurers cooled off, and this is much better than them being inside all day. Embrace Summer and savor every cold bite.

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Which Fruttare Fruit & Juice Bar flavor would you like to try?
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