Thursday, August 14, 2014

Look What Just Showed Up. A Furry Cat Surprise

This little black and white ball of fur just showed up... along with two of her siblings on the road in front of our house. The tractors and life on the farm had then terrified and hugging close to the road. My husband jsut walked over and scooped one of them up.

In the end they spent part of the day terrified on our front lawn and then I had to coax the hungry kittens out of the cold room across the street. Luckily a little cat food is a powerful persuader. They were dirty, hungry and happy to start purring like chainsaws when they were held and petted.

With the farm all around us and  the way the three kittens hung to the road, we think they were dropped there. They didn't come from any of our neighbors.

So besides wanting to remind everyone the importance of spaying and neutering your four-legged friends, I wanted to introduce you to the newest member of our family, Loo.

Not planned, but Loo has surprisingly interesting addition to the family. We couldn't afford to keep them all, and I am not sure I could have handled more than one kitten at a time. Even the baby gets a kick out of tossing the ball to Loo. We are never quite sure where she will pop up next.  Of course, I will happy once she grows out of some of her kitten quirks, but I am happy to have a potential mouser around the farm.

Photos have been hard to get. She doesn't stay still long enough to get them.

As for the name? Well, if you have kids you might have seen Safety Patrol with Lou, Lou and Lou. Since our little stray has been bunking in the downstairs bathroom we decided to call her Lou... but with a nod to the Loo she has called home.
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