Monday, August 18, 2014

Protecting my Back to School Investment and Avoiding the Lost and Found

I was provided an Ultimate Back-to-School Combo from Mabel's Labels to facilitate my review. This is a product I already use regularly and am excited to share for Back to School. All experiences and opinions are mine alone.

In the first school newsletter my son brought home from elementary school, I was shocked to learn that every year an entire room of stuff goes unclaimed. From shirts to coats and all student items in between I started to panic about my own forgetful Kindergarten student and the large investment we had just made into his Back to School clothes, backpack, lunchbox, etc.

How much would I need to re-buy over the course of a year?

Fast forward a year and though we had some close calls, a misplaced jacket and a friend of his lost a lunch box, we didn't end up too badly. I credit using Mabel's Labels to clearly mark all his possessions that he took to school regularly.

So this year I am sending 2 off to school, gulp, and am doing all I can to keep my kids from loosing the new items we have been purchasing. As a parent of school aged children, you know how expensive this time of year can be, so why not protect your investment with simple name labels?

For my son I just purchased a simple pack, but this year I got the Ultimate Back-to-School Combo for my daughter. It was a perfect way for me to lable everything easily for the upcoming school year.

Ultimate Back-to-School Combo contains:

  • 2 Teeny Tags
  • 16 Shoe Labels
  • 50 Tag Mates
  • 40 Skinny-Minis

The 2 Teeny Tags I am reserving for my daughter's backpack and lunch bag. I still need to get these items before school starts but I used one on my son's items last year and they were perfect!

My daughter's shoes have all been labeled and this will come in very handy for trips to Jungle Jump, a bouncy castle activity center, as well as when we take off and stash our shoes during Skate Nights at the community roller skating rink.

As I put all the labels in I started to realize that almost everything my daughter owns is either purple or pink. The labels match perfectly!

The Tag Mates were perfect for on the back of her bike helmet, as well as in her coats. None of these are items I want her to lose and at 5 years old, she misplaces things frequently.

The Mabel's Labels are so much cuter than just writing on the kids' items in sharpie. I know my Mom put my name on everything for school, but she didn't have an option like this.

Then I used the Skinny-Minis to go to town on school supplies. This is a lot faster than writing her name out 40 times.

 Now is a great time to order your own Ultimate Back-to-School Combo. There are so many great labeling options at Mabel's Labels for all your Back to School needs, and even around the home as well!

Creating your own custom labels is easy! Just design your labels with your child's name, design options and colors. There are options and icons for both girls and boys as well as various ages. Check out the full Mabel's Labels site to see options for everyone in your life.

What would you label in your life?
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