Friday, October 3, 2014

Dressing Up Our Snack Pack Pudding Cups for Halloween (printable included)

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Looking for a scary/cute lunch or treat idea?

This year both of my older children will be packing a lunch on Halloween and so I had to create a cute... but also Halloween appropriate treat for their lunch boxes. And if you know our family, you know we enjoy our Snack Pack pudding cups!

Yes, we all have our favorite flavors. For my older kids there is lemon, my husband really likes vanilla, I go for butterscotch and the baby? Well, nothing is quite as fun to dig his fingers into as chocolate. Since I had big plans for these little Snack Pack cups I went with the classics, chocolate and vanilla.

Of course, our Walmart carries a whole wall of Snack Pack pudding cups in a variety of great flavors, so there were some decisions to make. I even spotted a seasonal mint variety I need to try next time. Keep an eye out for a special Snack Pack Halloween display in your store.

I try to keep several Snack Pack on hand in the pantry for those last minute celebrations or go-to treats after a busy day. To really make my kids smile I will sneak one into their lunch box while they aren't looking. Every kid loves a little lunch surprise now and then. I enjoy that the Snack Pack pudding cups both taste great and contain the same amount of calcium as an 8 oz. glass of milk. That is pretty sweet to me.

So armed with a few packs of Snack Pack pudding cups, I set out to create a simple wrapper for easy traveling. That is where my Silhouette Cameo came in.

After measuring the cups and creating a template, I used the basic shapes and design tools on my Silhouette to create these creepy and crazy monster faces. It always amazes me what a few lines and circles can turn out.

Because I love to share the fun, you can create these monster Snack Pack pudding cups for your kids by printing out my full color printable pdf. Just print then cut them out and tape to your favorite flavor.

Or, add a bigger smile to your child's face just by adding a delicious mix-in to the top of your cup.

With a can of Reddi Whip and color-coordinated sprinkles my little grey alien was ready to eat. 

Nothing takes me back to my childhood faster than Snack Pack pudding and whipped cream. By the age of 6 I remember how important it was to get a bite with both whipped cream and pudding in it, so my 6-year old self would ask you to please be generous with the toppings.

For the little green spider-eyed monster I topped him with Reddi Whip and a little green sparkly decorative gel. I found this with the Halloween decorating supplies in Walmart. This was a big hit with my son.

And my personal favorite was the little wild-haired devil topped with Crunch n' Munch Popcorn. I used a chocolate Snack Pack for this one and the toffee flavored crunchy popcorn was perfect with the smooth chocolaty pudding.

Both kids were excited to dig in! When I can create some fun and it is this easy, that is a total Mommy win. 

So whether we are celebrating a good day at school, a dance practice or just a day ending in "y", these dressed up Snack Pack pudding cups are an easy to make dessert the whole family to enjoy.

How would you Dress Up your Snack Pack?

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