Friday, October 24, 2014

Or House is Halloween Dress-Up Crazy!

I love all the holidays, but getting a chance to be someone else, real or fanciful, now that is my kind of holiday!

I know things have been quiet around here, but my time has been taken up with family and their school activities. Right now it has all been around dress-up and decking these kids out for their various parties and events. Am I the only one who does multiple costumes each year? With all the great costume possibilities I am not sure how to choose only one!

This year has given me the chance to create a family costume, have the kids pick out their dream costume and let me help create some special pieces to go with their imaginative ideas. Hopefully all the projects get finished in time. I still have one Tin Man's heart to sew.

This year the annual elementary school carnival has a superhero theme, so of course, costumes are involved. My son has his own personalized cape from Etsy, but since he really loves Captain America, I made him a simple mask and this Captain America shield out of felt.

Superhero masks are very easy to make. I highly suggest creating a pattern with freezer paper, ironing it to felt and then cutting it out. The freezer paper stencil can be used multiple times and will give the masks not only stability while cutting, but will also keep them uniform.

Since I was pretty sure this would be the last year I could convince my family to go in for the whole family costume, I let my daughter also pick out a costume to fit her personality. She is old enough to have a strong costume preference for her upcoming parties. She really admires the elegance and beauty of Audrey Hepburn (Or "Headburn", as my daughter says), so we went for this adorable Breakfast at Tiffany's inspired costume from Chasing Fireflies.

I just couldn't resist!

Our group costumes will be for The Wizard of Oz with Audrey as Dorothy, my oldest as the Tin Man and the baby will be dressed up as the Cowardly Lion. His costume is my favorite! It was another Etsy find. The whole body suit and hood were comparable in price to the costume sites, but the costume is neither itchy nor sheds fuzz. I made the mistake of buying him a store model this Summer and the thing didn't stop shedding.

Weather dependent, I would like to go as Glenda. But, I don't want to spoil all the Halloween day excitement, so this Dorothy costume (from a great Etsy seamstress) is the only sneak peak I will give. I just hope the weather will cooperate and I can set up a photo shoot like last year to show off our group look.

Lastly, my son decided for his class party to go as Sir Owen. This was another Chasing Fireflies find and I love not only the detail, but the personalization that I opted to have done with the cape. From his boot covers to his flowing cape, my son was able to get in character effortlessly.

So why all the costumes? Well, besides needing a little boost to our dress-up box with the kids both having a massive growth spurt this past Summer, I completely understood the trouble they had deciding on a costume. Do you remember the world of possibilities that Halloween opened up to you as a child?

To be a princess waiting to be found by her prince, or a peacock in all his splendor. We don't do scary around here for Halloween, but we do let our imaginations soar and our costume fantasies become reality.

How does your family decide what to be for Halloween?

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