Thursday, January 8, 2015

DIY Felt Hair Bows

It's Thursday and that means it is time for a simple and fun craft. It has taken me a while to recover from all the excitement and craziness of the holidays, and I am still working to shake a sinus infection, but I really am itching to share some fun crafts. This is one perfect for any little girls in your life.

For Christmas, Santa brought my 5-year old daughter a big girl vanity set and I am busy working on getting her organized and personalizing everything for her. Check back on Monday for a Personalized Hair Bow organizer I will be sharing for the January Silhouette Challenge.

But all that new space means I needed to make more hair accessories!

Nothing beats a simple solid hair bow to have in the stash. My daughter has lots of patterned ribbon bows, but no big felt ones. This project took me about 20 minutes total, and that was with taking photos!

Grab your ruler, scissors, felt, alligator clip, and hot glue gun. If you want, I even have a felt bow template you can print off if you want.

Cut out your three pieces of felt and heat up the glue gun.

Cut triangles into your tail piece. You can either fold for an even triangle, or use the template to help.

Grab the largest piece and pinch in the middle. Then fold the edges to the back. With your glue gun, put a dot in the middle fold and hold till it sets. Then flip the bow over and glue down each of those folds.

Put a dot of glue underneath to add on the tail.

Then add a drop of glue under the bow and add the knot piece. Wrap it around the front and trim this piece if necessary. It should wrap around and be glued down to the end.

Put a little glue on the alligator clip and slip it underneath the knot piece in the back.

Now, wasn't that easy? Why not make one in every color?

When buying supplies, know that not all felt is created equal. The better quality wool felt is often thicker and will keep from pilling longer. the red bow I created was out of a higher quality wool. The others were cute, too and made out of inexpensive felt from Michael's.

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