Thursday, February 19, 2015

Keeping Up With 2 Busy Dogs - #TheArtofNutrition

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Last year I would have said confidently, we are a one dog household. Our Border Collie, Cooper, has limitless energy and I have often said he is much like my oldest son. Always active, limitless energy and always looking to play. I thought he was all our family could handle.

Famous last words, right?

You may remember that we added another member to our four-legged family last Fall. Our newest addition, is my husband's Patterdale Terrier and hunting buddy that we named Huck.

...or Huckle, or Huckleberry. It just depends on our mood.

Now we have two high energy dogs who are very active, loving and who deserve to be fed only the best high quality protein. I mean, we have fallen in love with these guys and want to have them as part of our family for years to come.

Yes, I admit it. We are definitely a two dog family.

I really enjoy watching the two of them race and play all day. But, you just know they are burning a lot of calories all day.

And now my husband has an eager farming buddy and hunting partner. Huck is still very much a puppy, he has a lot to learn... and even more growing to do.

One of the best parts of living on a farm is knowing exactly what my family eats. We eat locally, and grow a lot of it ourselves. We know fruit and vegetables, but the dogs need real meat. With a growing puppy and a mature dog, I want to ensure they both have what they need to be a healthy weight and have enough energy to play hard everyday.

Both of our dogs can benefit from Wild Calling!® and their real and honest take on dog food.

What makes Wild Calling! different?
  • GlycoEdge - It is designed to provide your pup with consistent energy and a low glycemic diet. This dog food is made with Tapioca, sweet potatoes, and lentils to provide a low glycemic diet 
  • Quality - They believe in using the highest quality ingredients including hormone and antibiotic-free meat, poultry and fish. 
  • Meat & Protein rich Dog Food. Wild Calling! believes in grain free nutrition, and their protein is derived from quality animal protein. Rich meats help create an optimal amino acid profile to support healthy muscle growth & increased energy
I am going to be trying out the Rocky Mountain Medley this month and can't wait to share our experiences in April. So stay tuned! 

Be sure to check out the Wild Calling! store locator so you can try it for your dog.

I shared our story, now I want to know why your dog deserves Wild Calling!?

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