Thursday, March 19, 2015

Creating a Letter Marquee

One trend I am enjoying right now are the Marquee letters and signs. Have you made one yet? You might have seen ideas for making your own marquee on Pinterest. But, I found the easiest way to whip one up in just a few minutes.

While shopping with my daughter at Michael's, I spotted these Marquee letter kits and embelishment line from Heidi Swapp. Isn't this cute?

 They have everything from the paper letters to colored lights, glitter, washi tape and glue. I grabbed a "K" for our last name and a few supplies to get started on my own letter.

The basic letter comes with a paper letter, bulbs, light strand and a letter template.

I wrapped the silver striped tape around the outside edge of my letter. I used the edge of my scissors to smooth down the tape, and love that I could pull it up and re-position when necessary.

Then I moved onto coloring the inside of my letter with a little paint and silver, chunky glitter.

And then it was time to add the light bulb covers and lights. The bulb covers, which came in a variety of colors, fit in the front...

The battery pack, which takes 2 AAA batteries and string of lights, fits right in the back. It tucks away so the letter can be displayed anywhere!

After all the tutorials I have looked at, this is definitely the easiest way to get your customized Marquee letter fix.

So, what do you think? Have you tried making Marquee letters yet?

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