Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Huggies Snug and Dry Ultra - Another Reason to Smile, Selfie Style!

Ahhh... the many faces of Elliott.

In nearly two years, this guy has captured my heart and I have been lucky enough to have captured some of his adorable moments with my camera. Just recently we realized that he is starting to be more aware of the camera and will stop and pose for us.

If you have older kids, you know this cute stage will not last. Before I know it he will be heading for the hills, rolling his eyes at me and shouting, "MOM!?"

Since that hasn't hit yet. I am doing my best to capture the highlights of his childhood.

From his Big Wheel, to picking strawberries in the berry patch, there have been some great memories captured on camera and even more I will treasure in my memories.

You could call it "Last-Child" syndrome, but I have been cherishing our afternoons together when the big kids are off at school. Elliott is my little guy, my buddy, and the easiest child out of my three.

Of course being the third and final child means I know what works for us. I have been using the New Huggies Snug & Dry Ultra Diapers to help keep him dry during our days together. The long-lasting leak protection means our fun won't stop because we need an outfit change.They are also gentle on his legs and soft on his belly, no chaffing as he runs and plays.

They have a conforming, gap-free fit to keep your active baby dry throughout the day. After many years of diaper changes, I appreciate that the Leak Lock® System has quick-absorbing layers for up to 12 hours of protection. You can find these Huggies Diapers at Walmart.

That means we can keep having fun, making memories... and snapping pictures.

Huggies #UltraHug Selfie Contest

Huggies is also looking to give back to your community! From now until June 25th, Huggies is accepting selfies of you and your baby. Just tag them with the hashtag #UltraHug and nominate a community initiative in your area that could benefit from a little extra help. 10 community initiatives will win a $2,000 grant from Huggies, thanks to you!

How to enter:

• First, take a selfie of you and your baby and upload that selfie to Twitter or Instagram. Make sure to use the hashtag #UltraHug
• In your same post, make sure to include a text nomination (approximately 100 – 120 characters) including a name and/or identifying description of a community project in the US, which you would like to nominate. Make sure the community project is something near and dear to your heart.

So who are we smiling for? Well, I would love to see our local Boys and Girls Club win a grant. They do so much to provide a safe and welcome place for kids after school. I was a latch-key kid myself, so I know how nice it is to have someplace fun and inviting till parents get off work.

Just one more great reason to grab the camera and capture some new memories. This time it is for a good cause. Won't you join us?

Smile for your selfie.

What community project would you nominate? I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

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