Monday, May 18, 2015

How To Refresh Your Overworked Washing Machine

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Okay, I don't just use my washer... running it 3-4 times a day and asking it to tackle dirty farm-soiled clothing just might be a tad on the abusive side. But, as a Mother of 3, our family goes through a LOT of laundry.

My beloved washer is one of my essential tools. I couldn't make my day work without it. My day generally starts off by throwing in my first load of laundry before my coffee is done being made. Then my day is not complete without a quick trip back to the laundry room to ensure nothing was left in the washer. If you have every found a washer full of damp mildew-ridden clothes (shudder) you may understand my paranoia.

Sadly, even with running the 'Clean Washer' setting regularly, I had started to notice that our clothing wasn't coming out smelling as fresh.

I learned this the hard way, breathing into a towel straight out of the shower the other morning. Ewwww..... And it was a fresh, 'clean' towel!

The last time this happened, I bought new towels. Don't laugh. Little did I know it wasn't the poor towel's fault... my washing machine held a dirty little secret.

My washer, with the sole purpose to get clothing clean, wasn't so clean itself. Did you know the washer can build up odor causing residue?

My MIL swears by leaving the door open between loads so the machine can dry out completely, but with our daily laundry load even doing that wasn't enough. Now I have a new solution to try for my less than fresh washing machine dilemma, I found something that will tackle that odor causing residue with minimal work from me. Did you know OxiClean makes a Washing Machine Cleaner?

I already use OxiClean as a laundry booster to help get out the tough stains and grime from my husband's work clothes, I also use it to help me battle against the grass stains and stain-rific mystery messes that my children grind into their shirts, pants and socks daily.

But now my washer can benefit from OxiClean as well.

My box of OxiClean Washing Machine Cleaner contained 4 easy pouches. It works with HE washers, never fear! To start with a deep cleaning, the instructions say to use one pouch on my machine's clean washer cycle 3 weeks in a row and then to maintain a clean washer I could use the product once a month.

Using the product was easy, I just opened and add to the drum, then select the clean washer cycle on the washing machine.  I let the cycle run and then after a quick wipe down inside the drum I was ready to get back to my weekend of laundry.

I have currently been using it for 2 weeks and yes, I do notice a difference. We usually use fragrance-free detergents, so there is no scent to cover up any lingering odors or musty smells. My towels are much fresher straight from the laundry room.

And that moment when I step out of the shower, grab a towel and wipe off my face? Much more pleasant now. No cringing, no colorful language...

Who knew that my poor overworked washing machine needed a little extra TLC?

Do you regularly clean your washing machine? Have you tried OxiClean Washing Machine Cleaner before?

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