Thursday, June 11, 2015

Creating Wire Word Necklaces

I love creative jewelry and when I found this idea for creating word art out of simple wire, I knew I wanted to try it.

I got a kit from Artistic Wire which includes a little peg board (this reminded me a little of light brights), thin wire, a wire writer tool and 98 assorted pegs for creating different designs or letters.

I started playing around with this last week. Oh, boy it is fun!

It is one of those things that once you start playing, it is pretty addictive. The back of the package lists some ideas for letters but it wasn't too long before I started experimenting.

The wire writing tool is just a pen shaped dispenser. The spool is held at the bottom and the wire is threaded out the top. Start out a design by securing the end of the wire (wind it around a peg once or twice to hold it) then looping it around the removable pegs.

The trick I found was to hold the wire tension tight. If there was too much slack the wire would bend where I didn't want it to.

In addition to the kit, I used wire cutters, as well as jump rings and silver chain from my jewelry supplies.

This wire is pretty thin and flexible so trimming the edges was pretty easy. I created an extra loop on the end of each "M" in "Mom" to use for attaching the rings and chain to create a simple necklace.

Next I want to create my signature "A" for a simple wire monogram necklace for my daughter.

Okay, have you had any fun crafty finds lately? What did you create?

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