Monday, June 22, 2015

Filling a Man Sized Hunger with New STOUFFER'S® Fit Kitchen

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My husband doesn't work in an office anymore. He ditched the cubicle to get back to nature a few years ago. In truth, it was in his blood. He is the 4th generation to work this land and carry on his family's farm.

His daily office "view" changes depending on the weather and what is currently in season. He was raised here on the farm and learned a lot from his Dad, his Grandpa and now his Uncle.

There is a lot of multi-tasking that needs to be done on a farm. One crop may need to be planted while the ground is prepared for another, there are always field crews to direct and, this time of year, hay to keep an eye on. And the hours are rarely steady or predictable.

Farmers are not only skilled at multi-tasking, but also wear various hats throughout the long day. One day my husband may be planting, harvesting or baling while another day he has to be a mechanic, welder or source for the newspaper on a local agriculture piece.

Of course, there is rarely a day that goes by my husband doesn't come home covered in grease, oil, hay or dirt. That all just part of the job.

But the truth is he loves what he does. He loves feeding our community as well as feeding our family. He loves to be outside and watch a simple seed and dirt field turn into the year's crop. He works hard to manage and be knowledgeable about over 60 crops here on the farm.

There is beauty all around us. Simple beauty in the neat little rows, the orchards and the fields of alfalfa.

There is beauty in the hard work and sweat that went into planting this new peach orchard. It has been amazing watching those little sticks mature into young fruit bearing trees. The peaches this year are just amazing!

But hard farm work and long, irregular hours mean my husband often returns after a long day needing to eat fast, or needing to eat later than the rest of us. I am always looking for better ways to keep him fed with a warm and hearty meal befitting his day (and often night) job. You could say that he needs #PowerfulProtein to do this job day in and day out.

Because weather, plants, and perfect growing conditions don't wait for dinnertime, I have to find flexible meal solutions to fill a man-sized hunger.

I have to make dinnertime work for my husband's schedule.

Have you tried STOUFFER'S® Fit Kitchen meals? These may have been made for busy farmers, or  guys with irregular hours who want something to leave them feeling satisfied. Each variety contains 25 grams of protein or more and takes just 10 minutes to prepare! 

I grabbed the STOUFFER'S® Fit Kitchen Steak Fajita, along with several other varieties, on my last trip to Walmart. You can find them in the freezer aisle with STOUFFER'S® Single Serve Entrées.

My husband enjoys beef, so I knew he would enjoy the STOUFFER'S® Fit Kitchen Steak Fajita. This one has tender prime rib steak in a smoked red chile sauce with a mix of red and green peppers and seasoned brown rice. 

There are 6 varieties of STOUFFER'S® Fit Kitchen meals available:

  • Steak Fajita
  • Cilantro Lime Chicken
  • Rotisserie Seasoned Turkey
  • Bourbon Steak
  • Oven Roasted Chicken
  • Monterey Chicken

Now I want to know, which STOUFFER'S® Fit Kitchen meal would you like to try first? Do you have a hard-working man in your life who would love to try them?

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