Thursday, June 4, 2015

Photo Transfer Book

Have you ever transferred photos to other medium with photo transfer Mod Podge?

This was my first attempt, but boy was it fun! I had so much fun creating this little wooden book for my daughter to use this Summer, that now my head is just swimming with other ideas I can use this method for. Currently I have a bag of unfinished wooden blocks... and I think this would be a perfect way to decorate them.

This project doesn't take much hands-on time, but does require the project to dry for 24+ hours. I think that is the only draw back I found.

You Will Need:

  • Photo Transfer Mod Podge
  • a brush or foam brush
  • 2 wood covers with holes drilled for binding
  • leather cord or string
  • printed photo of your choice on thin paper
Start by selecting your image, photo or graphic. Any picture will work, black and white or even color. Keep in mind the color will not be exactly the same, depending on the ink and surface you apply it to. Keep in mind that your image will be the mirror image on your final project, so print words backwards, etc.  Also use the thinnest paper you have to make clean up will be faster.

Start by applying an even, but thick coat, of the photo transfer Mod Podge to the front of your photo. Use a piece of scrap paper or I used my hot glue mat for easy clean up. I wanted the edges to be well coated.

Carefully apply this to the surface of your wood. Starting in the middle, and working outward, tap to remove air bubbles and firmly press it straight down.

Now it needs to set for about 24 hours or longer.

After a day, start by gently getting the surface of the paper wet. Let this set for a minute or two.

With the sponge start to gently rub off the paper. Be careful not to add too much water to the image, or scratch the surface.

Once the paper is all gone you will only feel the dry Mod Podge surface. 

It isn't necessary, but after the cover dried, I went over it one more time with a gloss Mod Podge to protect the surface.You could also use the antique mat Mod Podge.

I cut simple plain white paper for my daughter to draw on, punch holes into the paper that matched up with the wooden cover and laced a leather tie into the holes. To finish, I added the decorated cover and tied it loosely. I wanted my daughter to be able to swap out pages when she wants.

I added her name in self-adhesive glitter letters and she was thrilled. Now she has a one-of-a-kind little notebook to fill this Summer.

Okay, have you ever tried photo transfers with Mod Podge?

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