Thursday, July 30, 2015

Bonding With My Youngest And the Importance of Premium Care Diapers

This post is sponsored SheSpeaks/Pampers Premium, but all opinions and experiences are my own. #MothersPromise

Elliott is my little bud.

Since it is summer there has been a whole lot of activity (chaos!) around the house with the older siblings home during the day. Usually, it is just Elliott and me.

I gotta say, I may be biased, but my youngest child is a hoot! He is funny, caring, creative and clever. He can turn anything into a toy and never runs out of things to do during the day. Of course, he loves when Mommy can sit down to play with him.

Now that Elliott is a toddler his favorite word is, "No!". When we ask if he needs his pants changed, he yells, "No!" and races off down the hall. It has become one of his favorite games to avoid diaper changes.

My youngest has very sensitive skin and easily breaks out into a rash or chafes if things rub in the wrong places. So I can understand why sometimes he decides to run. But, Walmart has a new option from Pampers that is even more gentle on his skin and makes getting a clean diaper much more pleasant.

Did you notice the Pampers Premium Care Diapers  debut on Walmart shelves this past week?

Diapers are definitely not created equal and these new diapers have:
  • Absorb Away Liners: To pull wetness and mess away from baby’s skin
  • Breathable Materials: To keep air circulating around baby’s skin
  • Extra Absorb Channels: Help to distribute wetness evenly for up to 12 hours of protection - Hypoallergenic - Wetness Indicator: Lets you know when your baby might need a change

Elliott and I put the size 4 Pampers Premium Care Diapers to the test and we both loved how soft they are!

Easy to use, to secure and for him to wear, they did a great job of keeping him dry throughout the day and night. And with the same wetness indicator found on the front (the yellow line will turn blue as it absorbs wetness) I love with Pampers, it is easy to know when my evasive toddler is ready for a new diaper.

It is always easier to bond over Play-Doh or construction trucks when my son is dry and happy.

Whether worn on their own, or under his clothes, these diapers gave him the freedom to run, climb, crawl and play. I love the leg gussets on Pampers diapers. They give me piece of mind throughout the day that we will be accident-free.

I was also sent a fun #MothersPromise kit with a diaper clutch, memory book, promise card and a sturdy box for special keepsakes. I had so many hopes and dreams for each of my children while I carried them to term, and then as they started to grow and develop into individuals. This kit is a great way to keep track of all those hopes, dreams and promises I have for my baby.

I made the promise to each of my children on those late nights nursing that I would support them to be whomever they wanted to be in life. I still stand behind that promise to love them unconditionally.

What promises did you make to your baby?

Pampers #MothersPromise Instagram Giveaway!

Because we all make promises when we bring home our tiny, fragile baby from the hospital, now you can share those promises for a chance to win! There are great prizes like Walmart gift cards and Pampers Premium Care Diapers to be won.

Just head over to SheSpeaks  to enter and information on what you could win by tagging #MothersPromise on an Instagram photo of your baby!  

So, what promises did you make to your baby?
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