Monday, August 24, 2015

Up Close, and Personal, with the New Febreze ™Air Purifier #KeepItFresh

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Life around the house just got a bit more real.

At the beginning of August, I mentioned that we had 4 new kittens in the house. I was nervous about cat odors and was glad to have found the Febreze™ Tabletop Air Purifier. I put it front and center in our living room because my family and our guests should be able to relax and not be preoccupied with the "cat" in the room.

Actually, with all the forest fires going on in the Pacific Northwest, it was perfect timing. The air quality outdoors has been so bad, we have spent most of our summer indoors. There is nothing I enjoy more than opening up the house to fresh air, but right now the Febreze™ Air Purifier we have is helping to keep the pet odor, dust and allergens down in our main living space since we can't air out the house.

And those cute little kittens? 3 weeks ago they were still a little shaky on their legs...

They went from nursing and sleeping, to exploring and litter box training in a distinctly cat fashion. Cats rarely make litter box mistakes, but at this age they can hardly be bothered to stop the play and trek across the house to their box. Their new favorite activity is climbing to the top of our cat tower.

Thank goodness it is only a phase.

After having tried out our Febreze™ Tabletop Air Purifier for past few weeks, I am happy to say that it is compact, convenient and has worked well for our family of 7 cats, 2 dogs and 3 small children

The first feature I wanted to mention is the Febreze scent pod that you can add to the purifier. You control how strong you want the scent to be, so when you need it more, you can dial it up. I love that it made my living room feel fresh. I should note that we do not enjoy a lot of artificial scents in our home, and often go fragrance-free, so I didn't dial it up more than 1/3 of the strength. The air purifier scent was light and not overwhelming at all.

I was also happy to see that it had a a HEPA-type filter and removes 99% of airborne pollutants such as dust, pet dander, and smoke. Yeah, we have a lot of smoke around right now, for sure! Our home is also older and dusty on its own, but with all the cats, this has helped to keep the house our home... not just theirs.

I think everyone can appreciate a household dust reducer, even if they are not a pet family.

With the Febreze tab, as well as the air filter, set-up was simple and fast. Overall this small tabletop appliance is very easy to use and my toddler reminds me to turn it on every morning.

It is also nice to have control over both the scent and power. I do enjoy options with any appliance. I am sure once the kittens have their new homes I can turn the power down a little on the machine. For now it has a lot to keep up with.

In the middle, you can see where there are automatic filter and scent replacement reminder lights. I haven't had the chance to see those work yet, I have had my machine for a little less than a month, but I appreciate the quick, built-in reminder.

Do you have a room that could benefit from the Febreze™ Tabletop Air Purifier? 

Be sure to check out the other great sizes and options to see which one would work best in your home.

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