Thursday, December 24, 2009

One Size Cloth Diaper Event

Yes, not exactly a adventure into food... but, well kind of an adventure on the other side? I love my cloth diapers and am always trying to feed my stash. It is an expensive habbit!!! But, now with 2 little bottoms to keep diapered I have the need to expand my diaper stash. I always get excited to find out about good cloth diaper giveaways and will continue to post them here for my readers to enjoy. I guess I assume that if you care about what goes into your body, you care about what covers your baby's bottom. (Ne?) So, here is a great

One Size Cloth Diaper Event

Chari just shared her list of sponsors on her Take Time To Smell The Rose blog and I was immediately drooling over it. I would love to win any of those products for my little ones. Wouldn't you? ...oh, yeah! She will be hosting a one-size cloth diaper event starting January 1st. 22 One-Size cloth diapers will be featured and given away. Now that is what I call an event. I hope she doesn't do this very often, or I might never sleep again...

She also has some extra entry possibilities if you blog and post her buttons.... shoot! Did I just say that? I really do just blurt things out.

Enter & Enjoy!
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