Monday, December 28, 2009

Where are all the boys clothes?

If you have a son, you know what I mean. When I was awaiting the birth of my little boy I was in super shopping mama mode. I was entering territory completely foreign to me and my husband. I was so excited to start stock piling all sorts of little items and was disappointed when I found most boys clothing unimaginative and...well, boring! I think I had to work twice as hard to find outfits for my little man. I am not a big sports fan and didn't want to outfit him in all "little slugger" or "Mommy's Linebacker" clothing. With my husband and my genes he is not destined for brute force contact sports! Usually I can find cute items from Zutano, Gymboree, Osh Kosh and often Old Navy. But even then it takes a little looking.

Today I stumbled across a great giveaway at Ladybugs and Tonka Trucks for
The Boy's Store

Ladybugs & Tonka trucks: Reviews and Giveaways
They have a great selection of boys clothes from several great brands. I wouldn't mind outfitting my little man in some of their shirts sporting construction equipment. My son would love to wear it while he watches his construction video from All About.

The Giveaway is for a $25 Gift Certificate and would go pretty far with some of their fabulous sale items right now. Hurry over to Ladybugs & Tonka Trucks to enter to win today. As always, easy ways to enter and while you are there check out the rest of her site and other giveaways. Enjoy!
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