Friday, December 11, 2009

Sharing over the Holdiay Season...

Twittermoms and Robeez Footwear recently posted a question & contest for bloggers. "How do you give back during the holidays?" This is a topic I can run with! Not only does my son... and soon my daughter! ... love , love, Love those shoes! But, this is a chance to talk about the most important part of Christmas. -Good will toward men! Also, Robeez will be donating a pair of soft sole shoes to K.I.D.S. with every soft sole purchased through December 23rd Buy a pair here...ROBEEZ GIVES BACK

There is so much joy and holiday spirit going around right now. As you are rushing to finish off that Christmas list and furiously wrapping and hiding gifts... take a few minutes to think about how your family can give back. Not everyone is as blessed this holiday season. Some are lacking in physical items and others are lacking in loved ones to share this holiday with.

Currently I am staying at home with 2 small children, so we are tight, but comfortable financially. There is enough money to feed and clothe all of us, put a roof over our heads and allow us a few small treats for the holiday season. Oh what I would do if I had unlimited amounts of money to spend on my family, friends and the community. I can dream, can't I? As it is I was given a wonderful opportunity to "pay it forward" with a gift of a car seat. I recently won 2 car seats from a Graco online giveaway and was able to donate one to our local Battered Person's Advocacy Center. This is a cause close to my heart since my husband and I both volunteered there as high school students. I was just so tickled that we could do something great for a family trying to start over in a safer place.

Since I am not made of money, we usually try to help others where we can. Last year I baked bread and made fruit butters and other goods to give out to young, single coworkers at my husbands workplace. He works at the local newspaper and we are constantly trying to help the young reporters who are far from home and just scraping by as they start out on their own. I never mind sending my husband with extra food to brighten up their ramen filled lives.

The easiest thing we can do as a family is to open our doors to others who cannot make it home to see their own family for the holidays. This has been a long tradition in my family. It started with my Grandparents. They would make multiple turkeys, hams and fixings for a revolving door of neighbors and friends who were alone for Christmas. My parents often had a guest or two at our family table. In college I liked to bring home exchange students to celebrate with us. We definitely have more than enough joy and love to share.

So, as you check and double check your list this year,... furiously clean for company, ... and cook and then eat your weight in Christmas goodies, think about what you can do to make this a magical season for others. You don't have to spend a lot, just give a little bit of yourself.

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