Friday, December 11, 2009

Suprise! A Gift I won't Forget.

As a Mom of two little ones, I have to tone down my desires for them for Christmas. After 30 plus Christmases & many gifts of all shapes & sizes I only really remember a handful of them. So, maybe I need to keep that in mind when I am agonizing over gift choices for everyone.

When I was 12, I loved basketball & everything to do with the Chicago Bulls or Michael Jordan! I had my heart set on getting a black & red Michael Jordan basketball, and my Grandma Mary came through for me. She lived in Indiana while I was in Oregon, so I rarely saw her. She always overcompensated for this at Christmas. So, how is a basketball so memorable? Well, I did play with that ball a lot ... though my professional career was cut down in Junior High due to genetics (I am a mere 5 ft 4 inches), but it ended up being the story behind said ball that makes it so unforgettable.

I guess she searched high & low for the ball I wanted, but it was all sold out everywhere she went. Not wanting to disappoint her only granddaughter she kept looking. She finally found it at the last possible minute, but to get it she had to have an entire room re-carpeted! It was a promotional giveaway at her local carpet store. That meant a lot to me... not that I understood the cost involved at the time, but I appreciated that she had to do something special to get me that ball.

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