Sunday, January 31, 2010


Change is in the air. Can you feel it? No matter how cold it gets outside when the army of catalogs shows up in my mailbox with the new Spring fashions, it always feels a few degrees warmer to me. And I have hope that the cold months are almost over.

With that mindset, I am looking at some possible life changes. Yippee! I think I am in need of a little shake up! A haircut? or a new life path? I will post more about it when things are more definite. I even have had some fun post ideas to get all of you involved. I am so excited! Can you tell? But, more on that soon. I will just say they will be positive changes for my family and we are excited.

It is also time to plan on my garden! I love seeds. I think I get that from my Mother. She would pour over seed catalogs and fully immerse herself in the dirt for months. This year I hope to expand or little plot. Last year with the new baby, there was no time. Even with the drip irrigation my DH kindly set up for me it never worked smoothly. This year I hope to add a little more fun to the usual mix. I hope to try small eggplant, a different heirloom tomato (any suggestions? My Black Russian Tomatoes were a bust last year.), and Japanese kabocha (a very meaty but small pumpkin... the skin is thin, edible & delicious). Maybe I will add some chard if there is room. Those would all make a lovely additions to our dinner table.

It is also the time of year to clean, organize and discard. The latter is pretty painful for me, but it should be easier now that I am done having children. As my daughter outgrows clothes or toys we can just pass them on, instead of storing them away for the next child.

I am also still working on my body. This year I will melt off the baby fat and hopefully get back on the tandem bike with my DH. I can't wait to have pictures to post.

So, what about you? Any planned changes or Spring anticipation?
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