Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Another Potty Giveaway!

So, yesterday I blogged about a great Potty giveaway for 2 adorable looking books & a Boon potty bench. Well, here is another one! Keeper Of the Cheerios is also offering this great giveaway.
Keeper of the Cheerios

I love the name of her blog! So adorable.

Well, I have never used these products, I just really want to try them out on my toddler. I love Boon products. This would be my dream potty seat, but DH wanted a simple (i.e. cheap) model found at a local discount store. I know, they work the same... but, Boon stuff always looks so cool! We have their frog pod in our bathroom (a gift from Mimi) and I picked up a Boon sippy cup when my son was younger.

Okay, so this giveaway ends 2/15. ENTER HERE

And if you don't need the actual potty, but want the books....
or, you just really want another chance to win these great books here... Aren't they adorable?

Check out Jolly Mom for her current giveaway with Pirate Potty and Princess Potty by Scholastic. (I just love, don't you?)
Jolly Mom
Her giveaway ends 2/12. ENTER HERE.
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