Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Great day... Thankful Tuesday.

I know the meme is usually 'Thankful Thursday', but I just wanted to take a moment to be thankful for today. I think I tend to dwell on the difficult days as a SAHM, but I need to really enjoy the good days.

What made today so good? Just the little things. Those little things really add up fast in the realm of babies & toddlers. They also snowball. My son's little tantrums can wear me out, and my lack of progress in the housework can cause me to tear my hair out. But today? Well, today I played with me son. We made some great block buildings. He drank his medicated formula. ...all of it! He woke up happy from his nap, and went to bed easily tonight. He also did a great job with his blood test (he does that weekly for his PKU). And my daughter was her usual happy 5 month old self. She is a pretty easy going gal and her teething was not too unbearable today.

So, here it is in writing. I was one lucky Mama today. I love my kiddos and we do have good days. I love my family and need to be thankful for how good things can be when everything goes right. Yay us!
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