Monday, February 8, 2010


Well, this is definitely the closest thing I will have to a face lift any time soon! But, my poor blog needed a better look. Do you like it? Feels as good as getting a new updated haircut. ...which I need badly in real life, but for now I will continue sporting the Mommy-with-baby-pony. Honestly, the other pic of my son with our home made play dough was uploaded as a quick fix, and then it took me months to get around to making something permanent. So, ta-da!

These are the loves of my family of 4 and a few of the foods I created this past year. My son is a wild and crazy toddler and my daughter is growing like a weed. If you look closely there are a few pics of my DH, too! Somewhere in there I am scraping together enough time to pursue my love of food. I have lots planned for the upcoming weeks and even some posting to catch up on. Stay tuned for all the upcoming fun and thanks for stopping by.
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